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I like to welcome you to Doll 4Play. We offer only the very best TPE dolls. There are many TPE manufacturers of which carry dolls of various sizes but are often poorly sculpted, child like, out dated and just a waste of money. Since TPE dolls are made in China, to us Westerners we don't always like the Asian perception of beauty. As there are loads of dolls out there only a FEW TPE dolls are worth purchasing. The KEY points of a doll are softness, curves, detailed sculpture, affordability and an adult height of which will make the sexual experience incredible just as with a real woman.

Why buy from D4P?

There are many re-sellers & vendors out there but they all have one thing in common and that is they sell good and bad TPE dolls. They sell many sized dolls from different mfers and body shapes which doesn't necessarily mean they are sculpted well or have a life like human appearance. As a doll owner myself I look for the the most realistic sexual experience I can get and this is not achieved with just any TPE doll. Only until 2016 have there been new realistic dolls coming out of which finally are worth purchasing. The value and return you get out of a good doll is worth every penny and I am here to show you which dolls are worth buying. I have hands on experience and behind the scenes knowledge to get you the right doll so you don't make a mistake and get the wrong doll which sadly many people fall. Notice that most vendors carry ALL the mfer dolls, just to increase the chances of making a sale in order to make sales for profit. They care about the sale not the customer and many customers waste their money on a bad doll that was not what they expected, ie. "too small", "toy like", "awful for sex". If you shop around with vendors, talk to them and you will realize they don't even know the product they are selling.

Doll 4Play cares about YOU the customer , we give straight answers to your questions and welcome you to contact us via phone to discuss your ideal doll.

We hand pick the best dolls out of the TPE pool so YOU get your money's worth, happiness and satisfaction and realize TPE dolls are the future of sex dolls!

We are located in the United States and provide personal attention to answer your questions, feel free to give us a call (802) 715-DOLL (3655).

Doll 4Play only sells to US based customers.

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